a.b.e. Construction Chemicals (Pty) Ltd -


a.b.e. has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the CHRYSO Group since September 2010.  The majority shareholder of CHRYSO is LBO France (an independent private equity firm).
The combination of CHRYSO’s traditional activities in the field of cement and concrete additives combined with the construction systems offered by a.b.e. provide a complete product solution for the construction industry.


The combined business in South Africa is supported by 5 manufacturing facilities, 4 laboratories, 7 branches and a dedicated team of 300 staff.
This commitment and investment is to ensure customers of high levels of service and technical support.


abe.®cote tough PU paint flake

Prime the prepared surface with abe.®cote tough polyurethane paint (diluted with 10% potable water) byfirst pouring a bead of material in the form of a ribbon on to the surface followed by brushing or rolling with a virgin mohair roller to obtain the required coverage rate (approximately 3.5 m2/litre), and allow to dry approximately 4 hours depending on the temperature and humidity conditions.

Apply the second coat (undiluted) of abe.®cote tough polyurethane paint at approximately 7.5 m2/litre and allow to dry for 4 hours as in point 1 above.

Apply the third coat of (undiluted) of abe.®cote tough polyurethane paint at a coverage rate of approximately 7.5 m2/litre and then immediately broadcast/scatter the flakes evenly into the still wet  abe.®cote tough polyurethane paint and allow the system to cure  overnight.